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            产品型号: KUBOTA9900型 产品时间: 2018-04-11
            大容量冷冻离心机Z大转速6,000rpm Z大离心力 8,291xg Z大容量 6,600mL 6 x 1,100mL


            大容量冷冻离心机zui大转速6,000rpm zui大离心力 8,291xg zui大容量 6,600mL 6 x 1,100mL 





            In choosing a centrifuge able to accept blood bags, the 9900 model is the best choice. The RS-7002 rotor and the RS-6602 rotor can spin 6 x 400mL quadruple blood bags. In addition, the 9900 is equipped with several functions designed for blood-bag centrifugation. For example, the acceleration and deceleration function (with 10 switching levels) is installed, while the super slow mode can avoid whirring up immediay before the centrifugal termination.

            If testing a large volume of samples with high g-force is the primary use, the 9900 model is the ideal choice. Some experiments, such as cell collection, require both large volume and high g-force. The S12510 rotor is able to spin 6 x 1,000mL bottles over 8,000xg. The rotor saves the total experiment time, reaching the maximum speed and in about three minutes.

            If complying with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is required, the 9900 model is highly recommended. Various optional choices, such as PC connection, mounting a log printer, and a barcode reader, are available to meet stringent GMP requirements.



            Maximum speed


            Maximum RCF


            Maximum capacity


            Control system

            Microprocessor control, Induction motor (Brushless motor), Speed, RCF, Time, g-sec, Temperature, Acceleration & Deceleration, Memory (99 channels)

            Abnormality detected display

            Lid open, Imbalance, Over speed, Abnormally high temperature, Function for detecting an occurrence of electrical abnormality in motor, Inverter, Lid interlock sensor, Speed sensor, Temperature sensor


            ten-level selectors

            Speed setting

            From 100 to 6,000rpm, 10rpm increments

            Speed indication

            Digital display, from 100 to 6,000rpm, 10rpm increments

            RCF setting

            From 10 to 8,291xg, 1xg increments

            RCF indication

            Digital display, from 0 to 8,291xg, 1xg increments

            Integrator setting and indication

            Digital display, from 1.00 to 9.99 x1010 g.sec

            Timer setting and indication

            Digital display, with Hold and Electric buzzer

            from 1 sec. to 59 min. 59 sec., in 1 sec. increment setting
            from 1 min. to 99 hours 59 min., in 1 min. increments setting

            Temperature setting and indication

            Digital display, 0.1°C increments setting and indication

            Ordinary model: from -20°C to 42°C

            Brake system

            Ten-level selectors

            Power requirements

            Single phase AC220V 10%-5%, 230V 10%-5%, 50/60Hz, 30A

            Rated voltage and Rated current

            Single phase AC220/230V, 50/60Hz, 15A

            Power consumption and heat output

            2,200W, 7.9MJ/h

            Dimensions (DxH) and Weight

            710x830x1150mm, 330kg


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